Oyster Mushrooms


Nutty cap with a Thick, Tender stem.

Gotta GROW 'em!

Gotta COOK 'em!

Mushroom cell walls are made up of chitin, a strong and spongy protein that also makes up those hard- to-crack crab shells. It’s chitin that gives mushrooms their meaty texture, but also makes them hard to digest. Cooking your mushrooms helps to start the digestion process before you even eat them, breaking down the chitin and allowing your body to better absorb all those nutrients.

Savory, Hardy textured, with a Rich Earthy flavor.

Polar White

Our most tender mushroom, Buttery with a hint of Pepper.

Our Varieties


Tender, Delicate texture with a Sweet, Nutty Flavor that goes down smooth.

Oyster Mushrooms pack a potent punch in the natural world.  At Sugar Bee Farm they're cultivated year round in an all natural, pesticide free environment.  Not only are they rich in vitamins and minerals, but they have wonderful medicinal properties.  They're heart healthy, strengthen the immune system, have anti-cancer properties and are loaded with protein and fiber. So go find some SBF mushrooms today from one of our great partners!

Grey Dove

Firm texture, with an Earthy, Mild Sweetness.

Our  mushroom babies (spawn) are delivered by stork via

Field and Forest